EMI Position Opening

Senior Editor Position Opening In Shanghai

April, 2019

There is an immediate opening for the position of Senior Editor for Emerging Microbes and Infections (EMI), a SCI English language-based biomedical research journal located in Shanghai, China.

EMI is directed by a group of leading international and China-based biomedical scientists in microbiology and infectious diseases. It enjoys high reputation in the global emerging infection field with a 2017 SCI score of 6.032. EMI is part of the SHANGHAI SHANGYIXUN CULTURAL COMMUNICATION CO., LTD., and academically affiliated with Shanghai Medical School, Fudan University.

The responsibilities of this position include the general operation of the editorial office; communication with editors, editorial board members, authors and the publishing house. EMI is an open access journal processing submitted manuscripts through web-based electronic system including peer-review of manuscripts by inviting outside reviewers.

Candidates are sought with the following qualifications

1)    Excellent in English and overall communication skills.

2)    Related education or working experience in biomedical sciences.

3)    Past experience in editing articles or technical writing will be given preferred consideration.

4)    Dedicated, hard working and willing to learn new skills.

5)    No restriction on gender, age under 45 is preferred. Able to work in China or Shanghai.

This is a full time position reporting directly to Editor-in-chief. It offers generous compensation compatible with candidate’s experience and qualifications in addition to a full benefit package. This position is open to anyone qualified including overseas returnees and foreign nationals.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resume and contact information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All candidates will receive prompt reply upon receiving their resumes.



总部设在上海的Emerging Microbes and Infections (EMI)杂志现诚招一名资深编辑。本杂志是一本全英文SCI生物医学杂志,由众多国内外知名的微生物学家及感染病学家担任编委,创刊七年,在全球感染领域有重要影响力,目前SCI影响因子为6.032。上海上宜讯文化传播有限公司负责杂志的运营及人事安排, 学术依托于复旦大学上海医学院。



1)    出色的英文能力及良好的文字沟通技巧。

2)    需要有生物或医学专业的教育及工作背景。

3)    有编辑经历或撰写过科技文章经历者优先。

4)    刻苦耐劳、热爱本职工作并愿意学习新的知识。

5)    性别不限,年龄在45岁以下。

本职位为全职雇员,直接向主编汇报。我们将提供有行业竞争力的薪资报酬,并根据员工的实际情况制定培训及职业发展规划。此职位向任何有志于此的人士开放,包括海外留学归来者及外国人士。有兴趣者请将中英文简历寄至:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 我们将对申请者及时回复并对符合条件者尽快安排面试。

EMI Editorial Office Address

130 Dongan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200032, China

Tel: +86 21 54237992

E-mail: editorial@emi2012.org