The inaugural Editorial Board meeting for EMI


Time & Location: April 9 2011, Pine City Hotel, Shanghai, China

On April 9 2011, Emerging Microbes and Infections (EMI) held its first editorial board meeting in Shanghai. More than 50 leading scientists in microbiology and related fields in China and around the world attended the meeting.

Co-Editors-in-chiefs, Hans-Dieter Klenk and Yu-Mei Wen provided introductions to the background of EMI, the current status of scientific research on pathogens and research journals in the field of microbiology and infectious diseases in China.


A key objective of this new journal is to be able to provide an informative bridge for scientists from developed and developing countries working in the area of emerging microbes and infections. This goal is particularly worthwhile and essential as there currently exists a gap between these investigators, particularly in areas of the world where such emerging microbes and infections are arising. As a consequence there is a need for the rapid communication between these scientific investigators to expedite the dissemination of essential information in rapid order to be able to deal with emergent diseases and the agents responsible for it.


To assist in the Journal’s formative organization, several editorial board members introduced their experiences of serving on other international research journals’ editorial boards. All participants had an open and stimulating discussion on the design and development of EMI and contributed ideas as to how to produce an open-access, English language journal of high scientific quality and international appeal that will be at the same time, supportive to non-native English speaking scientists.


Tentative decisions were made during the meeting such as: the peer-reviewing process; directing workflow; establishment of the EMI website, and the responsibilities of editorial board members.

Participants all thanked Professor Wen for taking the initiative to undertake this great endeavor.


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