About EMI

About the Journal 


Emerging Microbes and Infections (EMI), launched in July 2012, is an open-access scientific journal published in English. EMI publishes reviews, articles and reports of emerging microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens) including their previously unknown phenotypic or genotypic characteristics; as well as cutting edge information associated with microbial mechanisms of pathogenesis, immune evasion and protection, clinical presentation and outcome, drug efficacy and its resistance, epidemiology and other issues important to global health.

Aims and Scope

As an international peer reviewed journal, the mission of EMI is to provide a new integrated forum to allow for the timely dissemination of large amount of information gathered about microbes and infections, especially ones associated with increasing biological and clinical significance and pathogenic frequency. The sheer volume and complexity of such information has gone beyond the scale and scope of existing specialty journals, and thus EMI is committed to bridging the gap between scientific communities in developed and developing countries where most of the emerging microbes and infections have occurred in recent years. EMI will cover relevant topics of critical biological and clinical value including, but not limited to: epidemic surveillance; clinical manifestation; diagnosis and management; cellular and molecular pathogenesis; innate and acquired immune responses between emerging microbes and their hosts; drug discovery, and vaccine development. EMI will serve microbiologists, clinicians, public health workers, drug and vaccine developers, as well as policy makers by providing them with updated knowledge encompassing microbes and infections emerging in different countries and regions throughout the world.

The journal publishes original Research Articles, Reviews, News & Views, Commentaries, Clinical reports, Letters to the Editor pertaining to all areas of emerging microbes and infectious diseases, including but not limited to:

  • Viruses and Viral Diseases
  • Bacteria and Bacterial Diseases
  • Anti-microbial Immunology (Innate and Acquired)
  • Vaccines
  • Antimicrobials and Drug Resistance
  • Diagnostic and Clinical Practice
  • Epidemiology and Public Health

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The international standard serial number (ISSN) for Emerging Microbes and Infections is 2222-1751.