Drug Resistance

Guest Editors:

  • Ying Zhang (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

drug-resistanceEMI Special Topic - Drug Resistance will publish papers on antimicrobial resistance in all medically relevant bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi including epidemiology and surveillance of resistant microbes, mechanisms of action and resistance, detection of resistance, treatment practice and strategies, and new drug development. Besides the conventional genetic drug resistance due to chromosomal mutations or mobile genetic elements, phenotypic drug resistance in microbes as in bacterial persisters and biofilms, parasites and fungi will also be included. EMI Special Topic - Drug Resistance welcomes original research reports, high quality reviews, and perspective articles that cover historical discoveries, recent advances, and future developments in the above areas.

Tuberculosis (TB)

Guest Editors:

  • Qian Gao (Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, China)
  • Wenhong Zhang (Huashan Hospital, China)

tbEMI Special Topic-TB will focus on the characterization of TB which remains an unacceptable burden of human suffering and loss, overwhelmingly borne by poor and vulnerable people living in low- or middle-income countries. Progress in global TB control is, however, constrained by the lack of highly effective and widely accessible diagnostics, drugs and vaccines. EMI Special Topic-TB welcomes research reports and high quality reviews on the following areas of TB research: epidemiology, fundamental research, development of new diagnostics and biomarkers, development of new drugs and vaccines, and public health issues related to this important pathogen.