EMI 2023 Symposium: Re-Connect after Covid-19

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2023 EMI Symposium: Re-connect after Covid-19 will be hold at 11th-12th November 2023 in Shanghai China. This symposium is organized by the leading international journal Emerging Microbes & Infections (EMI), and co-organized by Shanghai Sci-Tech Inno Center for Infection & Immunity.

The topics of the symposium will include but not limited in the field of emerging microbes and infections; How can EMI make bigger contribution to scientific research in this field? Both plenary sessions and Roundtable will be organized to achieve optimal communication among participants.

Overview 会议信息

In order to strengthen the communication and cooperation of global scientists, explore the scientific contributions of the new epidemic era to the field of emerging infections, and build a research and academic development path in the field of emerging infections after the post-COVID era, the internationally renowned journal Emerging Microbes & Infections in the field of emerging infections will host the 2023 EMI Symposium in Shanghai, China on November 11-12, 2023. The symposium is aimed at sharing innovative research achievements with practical value in recent years and discussing the future development of the field of emerging infections. We sincerely invite you to participate.

As a globally renowned journal in the field of emerging infections, Emerging Microbes & Infections has always been committed to promoting the rapid dissemination of high-quality research results in this field, attracting the attention and aggregation of top experts and scholars in the field. At this conference, we will bring together academic leaders in this field from all over the world, summarize the experience since the establishment of the journal, share the latest research results, and explore future opportunities, challenges, and development directions in the field of emerging infections. The conference will focus on cutting-edge research topics related to epidemic surveillance, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and management, pathogenesis, immune regulation, drug discovery, vaccine development, etc., and encourage young scientists to establish communication, sharing, and communication with experts and scholars.

The “journal round-table forum” will also be held during the conference. At that time, the EMI editorial team will gather to introduce the review criteria and process of journal articles, discuss the development direction of the journal in the post-COVID era, integrate high-quality resources, actively promote the construction of disciplines, scientific research, and industry development in the field of emerging infections, and welcome outstanding young scientists to participate in EMI’s academic review to accelerate their professional standards.

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