EMI has announced its new Editorial board for 2024-2025 term

Recently, EMI has reorganized its editorial board for a two-year (2024-2025) term with 50 members in all.

Prof. Yu-Mei Wen from Shanghai Medical College Fudan University and Prof. Shan Lu from University of Massachusetts Medical School remain to be the coeditors-in-chief.

The business manager is Dr. Xiaodong Zhang who is one of the co-founders of EMI.

The seven associate editors are:

Prof. Adolfo García-Sastre from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai,

Prof. Dong-Yan Jin from The University of Hong Kong,

Prof. Yi-Wei Tang from Danaher/Cepheid,

Prof. Jianguo Xu from Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

Prof. Zhenghong Yuan from Shanghai Medical College Fudan University,

Prof. Kwok-yung Yuen from The University of Hong Kong and

Prof. Wenhong Zhang from Huashan Hospital Fudan University.

There are 29 current members who will continue serving for the new term, meanwhile, we are pleased to have 11 new members on board. We believe with such a professional and strong team, EMI will be a platform to further enhance ability to serve the global community in this area.  We are looking forward to working together to make EMI a highly respected forum for scientists around the world.

Click here to see the full list of EMI’s new term of editorial board.

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