EMI switched its publishing partner to Taylor and Francis on January 1st, 2019

Based on the decision made at the Editorial Board meeting held on 12 October 2018, Emerging Microbe & Infections (EMI) switched its publishing partner to Taylor and Francis on January 1st, 2019. The new EMI website is directly access the submission site, please click

EMI is extremely happy that Taylor & Francis (T&F) is willing to be our future publishing partner by providing us with an attractive package including much enhanced customer service components. We are looking forward to a productive relationship with T&F.

EMI is also very grateful to the past and current colleagues at NPG/ SpringerNature. It is them who raised EMI from infancy to a future adulthood. EMI has been run by volunteer scientists thus any help from these professional colleagues was very valuable. EMI will always treasure this period of collaboration.

The change of publishing partner will have no impact on the high standard that EMI has adopted on selecting manuscripts for publication. EMI will also continue its transparency and open communication with authors and reviewers. The true value of EMI can only be judged by its contribution to the global scientific community in emerging infectious diseases.

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