Time & Location: October 12, 2018, 1F, Fuxing Building, Fudan University Medical school, Shanghai, China

Following the past 6 years’ progress, EMI’s Editorial Board was reorganized in September 2018 to fit the development in the coming years. On October 12, 2018, the new Editorial Board held its first meeting in Shanghai. Co-Editors-in-chiefs, Prof Yu-Mei Wen, Prof Hans-Dieter Klenk and Prof Shan Lu, Associate editors, Prof Yi-Wei Tang, Prof Wenhong Zhang, Prof Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, and about 20 other editorial board members attended the meeting.

Prof Yu-Mei Wen reviewed the establishment of EMI and emphasized that “a high-quality international journal” has been and will always be the aim of EMI. “EMI will continue to be ‘High quality’, ‘worldwide coverage’ and ‘access by all’ in the future”, said Prof Wen.

Prof Hans-Dieter Klenk shared his experience of assisting controlling SARS in 2013 China, which is not only the beginning of the friendship with Prof Yu-Mei Wen, but also the start of scientific cooperation between Germany and China in a number of virology studies. During this process, the idea of establishing EMI was turned into action.

Prof Shan Lu showed his greatest appreciation to all editorial board members for their willingness to join the EB. Then he, discussed the publication standard, review process and journal operation specification, which sparked a heated discussion among meeting participants.

The meeting was very active and successful. As EMI has reached an impact factor of 6.032 in 6 years, its founders and members of the next term EB reviewed what can be learned from the past experiences, discussed on the future plans to meet new challenges, and what will be the matching strategies. A key decision was made to approve the recommendation to switch, Emerging Microbe & Infections publishing partner from SpringerNature to Taylor and Francis effective on January 1, 2019.

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